SSL Now Required by Google

Hello to my website customers!

Hopefully you have been reading emails or accepting phone calls directly from your Domain Name/Hosting Provider account if you have set up your own Domain Name/Hosting accounts regarding the following.

If you are receiving this email it is because your website Domain Name and/or Hosting Account has not yet been updated to meet the upcoming requirement for an SSL certificate that Google is requiring on websites.  If your website has ANY text input areas (contact form, search, etc.) Google will now be labeling your website as UNSECURE in July 2018.  The remedy for this is to purchase and install an SSL from your domain/hosting company.  It will give you the green lock that you see in the URL address/search bar in your internet browser.

Also, the number of hacks on websites has increased exponentially since I have started working on websites.  I put 2 forms of security plugins on the websites that I setup – Wordfence and AntiMalware.  Monitoring these is becoming a full-time job in itself.  While I do my best for security and backups, I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase, also from your domain name/hosting company, their website security package as well as backups, if you get hacked and need to restore your website from a prior date.

Most of you have GoDaddy (some have other companies) for that company – you can click here to log into your GoDaddy account.

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If you don’t have GoDaddy, let me know and I can tell you how to access your domain name/hosting account – or if you would like me to set this up for you, I am happy to do so.